"Is it really normal to feel this way?"

“After a lot of searching, I found something..."

About Me...


Hi, I’m Vera, just like you I love being a woman, but I didn’t understand how much this love wasn’t cultivated and understood by my own body. Throughout our lives as women, the signs of a female body were treated as something that happened without much understanding and questioning.


Every period of the month I was bombarded with symptoms of a totally irregular cycle with hormonal imbalance, lots of pain, heavy bleeding, tenderness breasts, mood swings, sugar cravings, acne breakouts and gut issues. All these symptoms led to periods of amenorrhea, diagnosis of fibroids and poor health. Just like you, me and women who have some of these symptoms, feel and know deeply that it is not normal to feel this way…

I was inflamed by unhealthy nutrition, intoxicated, lacking energy, stressed, having leak gut. However, I believed that something could be done for my cycle and my health. After a lot of searching, I found something…


Through functional nutrition and changing my lifestyle by my individual case, I was able to reverse lots of these symptoms. I could understand my menstrual cycle and live well with it, aligning my lifestyle and habits with each phase in my cycle.

During the implementation of this new life style, that I was creating, I went through a transformative process, where I learned about my body and how to create a harmonious connection between my mind and my body’s signals.


I believe that we as women need to connect with our bodies and take care of ourselves in order to have better health and to live in harmony with our cycle.


When I discovered that functional nutrition, detox strategies, changing to a healthier lifestyle, taking care of my gut, my mind and my cycle, I transformed my life. Immediately, this approach became my passion!

Welcome to this feminine universe of balance and better health!

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